Business Owner / CEO/ CFO

360 Network Services Business Owners CEOs CFOs


Businesses challenges

  • Focus on core business and development projects.
  • Reducing operating cost.
  • Minimizing cost of ownership of the IT Infrastructure.
  • Improving return on current IT Infrastructure.
  • Management of risk and security.
  • Flexibility and agility to match rapid changes in business needs and technology.
  • Affordable access to IT Expertise and Special Skills.

360 Network Services offers you a wide range of IT Support Services to help you maximizes your productivity and reduces your IT budget. We also deliver outstanding support and value; and a great Return On Investment (ROI).


According to the average compensation for one Help Desk employee with 0 to 2 year experience is $68,948 a year. 360 Network Services offers you an Enterprise Level IT Support services with better responsiveness, higher level of services and much experienced team for a fraction of the cost of having your own IT Staff.

Benefits of partnering with 360 Network Services:

  • Decreased IT cost.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Fewer expenses.
  • No salaried employees.
  • No increase to your employees benefits costs.
  • Efficiency.