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360 Network Services’ team of experienced Field/Onsite Engineers and Technicians gives you a scalable resource when required that will help your your company alleviate the high cost of having to fly expensive IT staff members to perform routine tasks.

Smart Hands Services benefits:

  • Nationwide Smart Hands availability.
  • Reduce IT costs of performing routine tasks.
  • Less vendors entering your company facilities.
  • Experienced Technicians and Engineers when and where needed.
  • One single point of contact.
  • Same Day dispatch.
  • Reduce misshapes when equipment is handled by IT inexperienced branch employees.

Smart Hands Services:

  • Server installations and decommissioning.
  • Server support (diagnostic and troubleshooting assistance).
  • Server reboots.
  • Network cable installations and modifications.
  • Plugging a console port for remote support.
  • Reading system messages.
  • Physical¬†inspections.
  • Taking pictures of equipment.
  • Backup tapes changes.
  • Verifying equipment serial numbers.
  • Hardware upgrades.
  • Hardware installations.
  • Data Center moves.
  • Deployment assistance.
  • Network equipment installation and configuration.
  • Equipment location verification.
  • Cabling.
  • Demarcation extensions.
  • Equipment inventories.
  • Data center walk through to identify problems.


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